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In the drama CD, "Memories of You", it is revealed that the wish in the first timeline was to save a cat named Amy from death.

However, every time, she was either killed or transformed into a witch named Kriemhild Gretchen, the Witch of Salvation, one that became ever more powerful with each time reset, as Madoka's power also increased.

Basically, this episode begins with Takeru showing off his mad karate skills, and starts bragging that he's one hell of a model student when he's a kid, good at studies, good at sports and martial arts, he's popular at young age.

But then, Igam's most recent plot is to travel back in time and cause time paradox by killing Takeru when he's young. turns out that he's one hell of a bratty kid who's naughty and obnoxious, flipping Haruka and Momoko's skirts and calling them hags and is overall a loudmouthed brat.

Her closest friends are Sayaka (a Puella Magi herself), Hitomi (a regular human girl), and eventually Homura (who swore her life to protect Madoka). Madoka makes her debut in Lolita Pop, but is shown as invisible, but can be a ghost of the eternity to Haruno Kikura.

This is later revealed to be due to her accumulated misfortune, which was caused as a result of Homura repeatedly resetting time, with Madoka's fate getting worse with each timeline, making her magic power grow exponentially with each reset.

In the first timeline, she still possesses a high amount of power, being able to defeat Walpurgisnacht (ワルプルギスの夜 Warupurugisu no Yoru? Subsequently, by the current timeline, she has the potential to be the most powerful magical girl to date.

Her goddess powers are sealed by Homura in her new earring.

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Outside of her Puella Magi business, Madoka is an average middle school student with an ideal family.Madoka (in her newly redesigned outfit) provides a handshake with Molly Kelley, showing their hopes of equality between Madoka Magica and Magical Molly! Madoka is intended to save Sayaka Miki from another Magical Girl Reiss Draydon.