Youtube video views not updating dating and the internet

05-Aug-2017 20:19

This means that we're getting the same information you see on public You Tube channel pages, we just work to examine that data across multiple days and aggregate it into a display format that is useful to you.

That being said, Social Blade is not a replacement for You Tube Analytics, but rather another resource you have for viewing information about other channels and seeing user-friendly information about your own channel on-the-fly.

That led Pew Die Pie to claim he would delete his channel in protest over the issue once it hit 50 million subscribers — before revealing that it was all a joke.

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You Tube said it has discovered an error in how it tabulates lifetime view counts on channels — a bug that may have inflated total video views to date.

The Google-owned video giant said that it is working to correct the glitch over the next few days.

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Regards, Shweta The You Tube Team” This is just from a support rep who may be mistaken about You Tube’s policy on counting views (we have an email in to You Tube asking for clarification), but her response does suggest that at least some views from other sites do not count.One reason for this might be that some external sites put You Tube videos on autoplay whenever the page they are on loads. Because the views do change a few hours later, there is just no way of knowing if it was from us or someone else.That can game the whole You Tube popularity system, so You Tube does not count autoplays, as New Teevee recently found out. So as a final test, I’ve embedded an Elevator Pitch below from the CEO of Erepublik, a massive online social strategy game.By channel ID: If your channel is newer and does not have one of the friendly URLs yet, you may be able to find your statistics page via your channel ID.

If you currently access your channel using, first grab the part that appears after /channel/, then remove the prefixed "UC", and put that into the channel search box at the top of the website.If this doesn't work for you, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you.