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19-Jan-2018 16:30

However, proving everyone wrong, the couple has been in a relationship for more than 15 years without getting married.John confessed months back that Bo and he aren't getting married.Currently, she is having a love affair with actor John Corbett. Do you know what kind of relationship did Bo Derek and Blake Edwards had? Know all the information about Bo relationship's truth and rumors. John and Linda stayed together for six years from the year 1968 to 1974 as John left her to marry Bo Derek. This couple stayed as husband and wife for twenty years until the day John Derek died on at the age of 71. According to Daily mail, Bo Derek confessed that she feels ashamed that she was the reason why John Derek broke his marriage with ex-wife Linda.

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He revealed their happy relationship secret is not getting married and said that the secret to have a successful relationship is not to get married in the first place.

She is living a happy life with her partner John Corbett now and we wish they stay together forever.