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1 Then the mayor hired Hiram 1 Johnson to deicud the city. noonccs that he thinks the 5-cent - "permanent" He may well JK it. An 8-cent fare to the people of New York would have meant sixty million dollars a year taken out of the pockets of working girls, boys, men and women.

By Arthur Brisbane— 1 The Niw York "World" and I some others are excited because the [City of New York pays Hiram 'Johnson ,000 lor defeating a ras- cally crowd that was trying to raise r fare from 4 cents to 8 The whole thing was cut and [dried; everything had been made [ready by the State Legislature.

Many deputies hod expressed disappoint- ment over the failure of lhe Italian arms delegates to have Italy In- cluded i" the four, power Pacific SACRAMENTO. To question treaties be vuu Me they were made under duress, lie said.

woi l d be to challenge tb validity of many of the most Impor lant existing International concord* throughout the world. I— By Arthur Brisbane- Eleven hundred and twenty-two new cases of influenza in one day, in one city.

Tm done," announced Brady as the jury filed out after hearing the Instructions. it's all over so far as I am concerned." And the district attorney threw up his hands in emphasis of the an- nounced decision nut to bring Ar- buckle. LARGE REWARDS offered by "The Examiner" WASHINGTON*. Traveling 185.000 miles a second, on a journey that lasts forty thousand years, neither bine or yellow light can tain two minotes. of high finance, competing occasionally with a bvger but comparatively small grocp from the field of union tabor. Why is it so amusing, or extra- \vmwi ^AMERICA/ FIRST R*«. Sands t.e.-n accused of stealing Iroi'i his for- mer employer, and a warrant for his arrest had been out for ordinary, because the wife happens i time- But the man Mrs. The young man works from 7 in the morning until 5 in the ajtemoon.

The next step will be for twenty ttu ISon fanners to come in End inform finance and union Jsbor both that THEY mean to »aawe soancthmg to say. Interested in science he will probably use well the money that comes to him. One of the world's serious problems might be solved— Plato knew it two thousand years ago— if very young men would become interested, for part of their lives at least in women twice as old as j ^ they are.

No fee is considered too high for the lawyer that helps corporations to cheat the people. SENATE PUSSES WW DEBT BILL 3 9 1« ANGLO-FRENCH SUBMARINE SPLIT REVIVED; WIFE'S FIGHT WINS BANKER GRANT t Aonip SOON TO OPEN FOR CASHIER First 24 Loans To Veterans to Buy Land, Homes Itate Santa Rosan, Convicted of Help- ing to Wreck Bank, Will Soon Join Loyal Spouse Woman's Struggle to Free Man Led Her to Valley of Death; Temporary Parole Saved Life at. assistant cashier of the defunct First National Flank of Santa Rosa, now serving a five-year sentence In San Quentln prison, was yester- day paroled by Attorney General Daughcrty in Washington. Oran L under guard and upon special orders from Washington, was permlttc In visit his wife In Merrill Hospital. His presence at her bedside saved her life, physicians raid. an Washlnrton had It was explain' yesterday that c«n given them by Judge l^oudcrback. Arbuckle gave no evidence of his thoughts regarding the failure of the jury to bring in a quick ver- dict of acquittal Krom the moment lonlrocfors Mill not oe allotted to e Jury first left the courtroom he use any iron not node in the United (5 -hlblted no concern, no malt states. find win sentenced by Hefl" etal Judge Pooling to one year In the enuniv sail for eoniempt ' Residents of thn Sunset district won their fight ve.trrdav before the Supervisors' Public 1'tlllties Com- mittee for a street car tunnel under Ruena Visia Park. Hales siunlnp U Street Hallway Into that brought to court under a military , dl Mr , ct- ept first the Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle, filrn comedian, whose fate for a second time was placed in the hands of a jury late yesterday afternoon.

bu» any fee is too high, apparently, for a man whp takes the people's side. Recuperating at h^r hi-me In Santa Rosa, the wife was Informed yesterday that her husband would seen be free, to rejoin her. to Majority of' Men to Use Cash to Purchase Houses; 500 to Get Grants in Few Weeks SAOlt AMKNTO Jan. In session here, late today approved the claims of twenty- four wounded California veterans for aid under the Farm and Horn* Purchase Act hy the last legislature. plications were approved will be the Orst In the State to receive loans with which to purchase either homes or farms and the action of the veterans' board today marks the opening of active administration of t hla phase of the state aid program for former, service men. about their ability to pay what they borrowed, while the same government is not in the least worried about American soldiers that were taken from their homes and their jobs. Liberty bonds were being sold and the patriotic "tom-tom was being hammered. A tube is lo be built under the Hudson connecting New York and New Jersey, It will be made of huge cast iron sections big enough for automobiles to run through And this i» the good point: YEAR IN JAIL TUNNEL IB FOR REFUSING SUNSET DIST. Bstes rcfii-rd venterdav "» as a witness for the Gov- of Joseph ent Charge" of Assessment Zone to Raise Fund the ernnien! After hearings that have laated for months the committee agreed unanimously yes- terd.i to recommend the creation of an assessment district for the con- . Arbuckle was on trial for manslaughter, following the death of Virginia Rappe, a movie actress, here last Sep- tember.

The British treasury announces that the British public debt was cut more than a billion dollars in the last year. Thai a woro.-n whum Taylor had ecoroed or enrapc-d had killed him. That a Jioltor of some woman friendly with Taylor had killed him. Mar- Lean aaw tuid Sands, the police are Inclined to drop any suspicion of thla former vall.Then I can make some money de- fending thc^cafcompany when he sues it." Senator Kenyon of Iowa, leader in the Farm Bloc, is gently lifted out of the Senate, put on the Fed- eral bench. Otherwise, you would be reminded of the English habit of boosting a nuisance in the House of Commons up into the House of Lords, pro- moting him into uselessnes. For It was only after he may have become a witness by laking the oath that he could plead that constitutional right of Lproiection. The sentence Imposed hy Judge Pooling will be effective after Hates has heen discharged » the military forces. The hearings that have heen held have been lo hear arguments favor- Ing three different proposals: lj— The connection of the proposed line with the Twin Peaks tunnel line at l^gunda Honda station.A pity to take a good fighting man from active construc- tive work and put him to deciding other people's quarrels. Judge Kenyon, however, may still be use- ^fnl-io fanners. Is not that _ - ..remarkable as the story of ; : Might it explain the br- Uli. Things g* Jn telling; the story might ^*with a wave, and end with a Ge: New Jersey Chamber of merce advises employers to over their workers, stop drives nst unions and plan eo-opera- Wisc advice, you cannot or coerce men that can-read vote. : -Connecting the proposed line Continued on Poor 3.Such things would not have made that bootblack sweat at his willing work, in cold weather. Kings Tiave tried it giving bands of music, fancy uni- forms, decorations and loot to their soldiers. Papers are l^ct those that love all the world a.-, much as the United States, or a little better, growl if they like. What is done, spent and used in America should first of a U give work to those (hat LIVE IN America and profit to those that DO BUSINESS in America.

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Fools may prefer to buy their fancy clothing abroad, but States, cities and the national government at least should set the example, buying at home.hut that he would feel better if pei - milted to retire early, Judge lyiuderback gave Instruc- tions lhat the jury be returned to th buried snow drift, rescued aft the ireexe. Thirty worklnc In the nectlon explottlon occurred, four of escaped. has been made as ei for further discussions, ll Is said Sir James Craig Intends to consult Viscount Fltialan. The only thing that was apparent was that they had given themselves over lo a minut. Journeying to arid from the Hall of Justice and In open court while receiving further In- formation. Throughout the day yesterday Arbuckle and his attorneys, as well as a never ending stream of spec- tators, patiently awaited a possible verdlc L The crowd aat in the courtroom like an audience at a seance, nervously straining to listen for the expected Tapping." All sorts of opinions were freely expressed. Ulnar premier, and Michael Collins, head of the iirovlslonal government, will resume their conference at the close of which today a statement was Issued showing that it h I been Im- possible to reach an agreement on where the the boundary question No definite f X'ontiny-rf on fagr ! Taking the center of the the final scene of the arms confer- ence began, the Japanese announced that their government was ready ~to S5a^.«. J ; °P sro^ "** of the -demassla.' which China has held was calcu- lated to rob her of her sovereignty, and to make further concessions re- garding economic privileges and political and military preference* Inx Manchuria and Mongolia Tomorrow China Is to reply statement that la expected to the Par Eastern negotiations, and Saturday the Washington confer- ence probably will adjourn sfne die after a plenary session, for for adoption of the Far Eastern treat Jas.

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