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22-Sep-2017 23:26

The side characters are funny as hell (the Godly Steamed Bun x D or the Sword Saint or w/e he's called) but lack the backgrounds to make things more interesting.

The novel starts out slow, half of it is about grinding but the grinding ain't that bad IMO.

And everything is solved ingame (which isn't very realistic but I like it), I mean the thing worst the bad guy can think of when losing to the MC is to go and cut off the MC connection and he still doesn't have the gut to do it x D.

About the characters, both the MC and the side characters (even the ones from the other team) are built very well, they all have their own characteristic & they do grow alongside the MC (well some, like Steamed Bun, doesn't x D) .

I meant if the author cut it short, instead of complaints bout the repetitive grinding, many will complaints how the hell does he get so strong, why do no 1 stop him from lvling, why does his team become strong so fast, etc...

I mean id they DON'T grind and having some lucks but still have enough equipment comparable to the teams that are created YEARS ago I would stop reading this lol.

I started to lose interest as more and more info was being dumped into the chapters, but I still hold out hope that maybe later chapters will be better. In short, a novel about MMORPG games you and I can play now with keyboard and mouse.

The MC and his background is far more believable than any of the above mentioned titles.

He never plans on revenging the people who kicked him out, but instead just wanna comeback cause of his love for the game.

Things start heating up post 800 ch (if I remember right), when the team started joining the pro league.

It's not some bs like the team is super op and never lose, but instead starts out weak, getting owned, but growing in the process.

After fighting and scheming, who snatched away my glory?

Under the tossing of the wind and rain, my dreams shall still appear as though they had never been shattered. Before the gazes of millions, this is where I return!

However, due to a myriad reasons, he is kicked from the team.

The original Peer Guardian (1.0) was programmed in Visual Basic and quickly became popular among P2P users despite blocking only the common TCP protocol and being known for high RAM and CPU usage when connected to P2P networks.… continue reading »

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Based in the tumblr prompt "OUR FRIENDS COME OVER ALL THE TIME AND WE NEVER TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF, but we just really wanted to watch this shitty movie alone tonight AND HOLY SHIT THEY THINK WE WANT PRIVACY TO HAVE SEX" Basically, the one time Bellamy and Clarke wanted to be alone to watch bad musicals and Raven started throwing condoms at them. Anon on the LJ Kink Meme requested a fic featuring Jim marking Bones with bites or hickeys etc . Unexpectedly, her demands cause something entirely different to surface. And even though he and Jack weren't on the greatest terms, he knew he'd help him get to her. After a freak furniture accident, Sheldon is left with a head injury that brings out an unexpected side of his personality. Chloe is a demon on a mission to turn Sam Winchester to the side of evil. Chloe offers comfort, the one thing he really wants. This time it's Sirius Black, and while Remus is reluctant to accept it, he might just be the one. R/SKagome's kekkei genkai had never reacted to anyone so strongly before, but she was positive, without a shadow of a doubt, that that Suna boy wanted to eat her. Post Freak & connecting events in Superman Returns. CHLARK ALWAYSJim sees something that Mc Coy didn't plan on him seeing and now the young Captain doesn't know if he can live without his Bones. He isn't connected to a person for life the wolf doesn't decide his lover for him. COMPLETE.[WARNING: Slash][RLSB][MWPP Era][One Shot] “I feel the same way.” Sirius murmured back. KKM characters' deepest secrets, personalities and desires are exposed.… continue reading »

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The good news is that negativity can point or push you in the right direction. You can get so sick and tired of being sick and tired that you change. We create, promote or allow everything in our lives. Are you doing what you do because of conditioning, because of "shoulds" "ought tos"? You have to know where you are to go somewhere else. Your relationship with yourself is ultimately reflected in your relationships with others. … continue reading »

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