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Maybe they were jealous, because if Helen regained consciousness she’d be svelte. Nothing gets results like a diet of despair and guilt. Benjamin Blank, examined Helen and declared that: “a fit of sulks so profound that half a dozen solemn psychiatrists could not even agree on a name for it, variously calling it ‘hysterical fugue,’ ‘split personality,’ ‘dementia praecox,’ ‘triumph of the subconscious,’ ‘self-imposed hypnosis,’ ‘voluntary stupor.'” Legally, Helen could not be sentenced for her crime while in an insensible state.Her condition put justice for Harry on hold indefinitely.

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Black shoes, gloves, and purse completed her off-to-prison ensemble.

Women dressed up for everything in those days, and a trip to prison was no exception. Helen did well at Tehachapi, she even won first place in a baking contest for her coconut cake.

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