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28-May-2018 15:58

By Casey Luskin If you believe what you read in the newsmedia, another new alleged missing link has been found.That is, if you consider something discovered in the early 1990s new.form, determining the precise contours of these bones might become a highly subjective exercise.Im sure they spent a lot of time on their reconstructions (and it certainly sounds like they did) but at the end of the day, its difficult to make solid claims about extremely unsolid bones.A 2002 article in Science explains exactly why: the bones were so brittle, squished, chalky and erod[ed] when cleaned such that many of the bone fragments had to be reconstruct[ed]and that took a long time.Heres the story from more than seven years ago: [I]n 1992, the Middle Awash Research Team, co-led by [Tim] White, made a discovery that ended Lucys reign.

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The skull is squished, he says, and the bone is so chalky that when I clean an edge it erodes, so I have to mold every one of the broken pieces to reconstruct it.This fossil seems to have spent almost as much time under the microscope at Berkeley as it did in the ground in Ethiopia, when it was first buried about 4.4 million years ago.