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30-Dec-2017 18:28

After the ad hit the national airwaves on Sunday night, skeptics were quick to point out that Audi has a six-member board of six male directors, and that 12 out of 14 members of the company's U. executive team are men.'We knew this would spark a conversation, especially on a stage as large as Super Bowl,' Loren Angelo, an Audi of America vice president of marketing, told Adweek on Friday.'Pay equality has been a part of the public conversation for some time now and we believe the message deserves a platform.'Audi has cited federal data showing that women working full time, on average, make 21 percent less than men working full time, with the bulk of the divergence coming after age 35.But when asked about gender equality in its own pay practices, Audi's convoluted responses have left many scratching their heads.'There is a lot that goes into calculating pay—individual performance, experience or tenure in the job, etc,' Audi's Angelo hedged when he was questioned about Audi's pay.'But we are confident in our processes for evaluating pay equality and can confirm equal pay for equal work between men and women.'Supporters of the ad spoke up as well, with one woman claiming she was planning to switch to Audi from Buick for her next car, prompting a Buick spokesperson to protest that the General Motors brand was also boldly dedicated to equal pay.As an Eggo waffle pops out of a toaster, a family rushes over to grab it, but it disappears.

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The tunneling object is never exposed and actually remains undefined until the last seconds of the ad, when we see twin taillights light up at a partially submerged stop sign and then turn left.A pious Super Bowl commercial about gender pay inequality made by a car company with little clear connection to the issue is drawing strong reactions from skeptics of the ad.